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Paul McEovy


Real nice job on that. I watched the whole thing. I saw him play up in Bangor this summer, just a spectacular show. Good job with the video. I got a much better sense of him as a person from watching it.


Jeff Henderson

Wow Doug, that was excellent! I really enjoyed your production. The video, audio and dialog all fit together really nicely. It told an interesting story in just 5 minutes. You have definitely come a long way in developing your video skills since you started only a few months ago. I can still see the influence of your still photography style in your video style. I think that is unique.





After watching this video, I think you were way too hard on yourself as you assessed your progress during the workshop! This is a delightful little piece. You created a thoughtful sketch of a wonderful artist. I love the color and spice of the b-roll. And I second what Jeff said -- I like the pleasing evidence of your photographic personality scattered throughout the piece. Well done!

Doug Plummer

There was substantial talent in the workshop, and several videos that brought me to tears. When they show up on the Digital Journalist I'll point you to them. Of the 12 projects I'd say I was in the middle of the pack in quality. And I didn't take the workshop critiques personally--it made the work better.


I enjoyed your piece. I have a friend, a co-worker here in Salem, who is from New Orleans, that I promised to share your video with. I am sending her the link tonight. Thanks!

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