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It is so good to hear you talk about this, Doug. Thank you. From where I'm standing, you have unique authority on this issue.

This entry of yours is going to get printed out and pasted into my journal for further reflection in the coming weeks and months.

I kept up with the photo-a-day thing throughout 2007. I looked through all of my 365 shots at the end of the year and actually got choked up looking at them. It was a proud moment for me. Some time in February 2008, I ran out of steam. I'm not a professional photographer and I work long hours in some very dreary office buildings. I felt like I was shooting the same thing over and over. I was tired of taking my camera everywhere, and I wanted a break.

Just this week, I started shooting and posting on a daily basis again. I have really missed taking a daily photo. The process of stepping away from the day's labors and actually looking at the world is tremendously therapeutic. Without it, I feel weirdly groundless.

The inner critic will probably always chide me for not taking amazingly inventive and groundbreaking photos every single day. The wiser, calmer part of me is starting to see that, as you say, it's OK to "whack away" at a certain photo for a while, and observe patiently as the quality of the work shifts.

Thanks for your reflections. I really appreciate them.


You've probably seen this recent essay from Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker. I thought about this little exchange when I read it:


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