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We experienced this a couple years ago, too. Great new tv-- but we couldn't get any decent TV signal. Experimented with cable for a while and finally just said forget it. DVDs look great and sound okay-- we just don't watch any real "tv" anymore unless it's a series on DVD. Can't say I've missed it except for during the debates. I certainly don't miss the commercials.

Paul Butzi

We went this route some time back, including the HD DirecTv business. It's nice, but not earthshattering. But I was instantly converted into an HD bigot. If it isn't broadcast in HD, I don't watch it.

The big problem is that nearly everything on TV is dreck. Sturgeon's Law applies, in spades. So HD DirecTv gets you a billion channels of very high resolution, nice looking dreck, with a few gems stuck in there. The answer is a DVR, which makes picking the gems out of the muck much easier.

But for getting good bang for the buck, I have one word: Netflix.


It's a bit of a hassle / extra expense to set up, but believe me -- as a photographer and a visual person you will fall in love with HD. Discovery, Nat Geo, Science and others in HD are gorgeous. When I first got HD I even watched Discovery's sunrise show. )I don't think they have it anymore, but basically it was real-time sunrise over the course of an hour in a beautiful location.)
Even regular TV shows take on an extra dimension -- I vividly revcall the first time I saw the studio lights reflected in a teakettle on the Will and Grace set.
I don't work for anybody that has anything to do with HD, but I am a photographer, so I think you'll love it.

Doug Plummer

We'll get HD in a month, when our spot comes up in the Direct TV queue. They're not making us buy the new sat receiver/DVR, which is great. I just upgraded the receiver (to a "home theatre setup," god, that sounds trite) and it is far superior to our pervious audio setup. I'm hearing things in our music that I've never heard before.

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