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Mike C.

Doug, I'm not an Apple user, but read this in my anti-virus software bulletin:

Upgrading to Apple Snow Leopard downgrades Flash security
The last thing you expect when you upgrade your operating system, is that you will have some of your security silently downgraded. But that's precisely what seems to have happened with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which ignores that you have been keeping Adobe Flash up-to-date and downgrades it to an earlier version.


Dirk Vietzke

Hi there, which driver for the 4800 did you download? Where did you find it? I can only find outdated drivers on the epson site.

Paul Bradforth

Doug, there's a Snow Leopard compatible version of iStat menus on their site. I installed SL a day or so ago, went to have a look for a new iStat, and there it was.

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