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Gotta hate the term "Oops".

Call me imperceptive, but I've never seen anything on your blog that could even remotely be categorized as "too much candor". Or have the qualities of being straightforward and non-judgmental (not to mention downright relentlessly positive) taken on new meaning?

Doug Plummer

It's an eye of the beholder thing, but I have learned to be exceedingly careful when discussing a client. Precisely what may not seem offensive to me might come back and bite, and because I can't tell what, I'm more careful than when I began this blog five years ago.

Johnny Anony

I'm a student at St. John's and can verify that this really does happen. It's actually 10 PM to 12 AM, culminating in a countdown from ten to "Happy new year!"

Stories vary; that's our favorite one, but there are more. The simplest is that a lot of people had Wednesday "Hell Days" (all their classes in one day), so they had a celebration for getting through another long, hard, "year." Wednesday is also the first day of school after registration, so it's the start of a new year, and they wanted to repeat the new year's celebration all year long. A more interesting story involves our tradition that anything a member of the administration says, even in jest, is absolute law: some upperclassmen were pestering the assistant dean at the time asking if there was any time that they could give beer to the freshmen, and the exasperated man finally responded "only on new year's eve." We have winter break in that time, of course, so the upperclassmen decided that every Wednesday night was New Year's, so they could have a party.

Consequentially, I may caution against taking pictures at New Year's except very, very carefully. Not many parents would like to open an admissions pamphlet to see eighteen-year-olds holding beers. Might be worth seeing if you're still up, just be forewarned.

Anyway, that's the stories I know about New Year's. We've got a million just like 'em for any given tradition. Enjoy your stay.

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