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appreciate your blog, and like your work.
i'm on the fence about lightroom, too, it seems to offer nothing better than PM and Bridge... sometimes I use expression media to build catalogs... you can find a preference in bridge where it will NOT rebuild the thumbnails after you correct in ACR -- this makes it faster, I believe. you know what corrections you've made, you don't need to see no fancy stinking thumbnail to confirm it, right?

PM is the best, so lightening fast on ingest, renames, downloads to two drives if you want, can apply metadata on ingest, etc. i love it, great for editing. sometimes while editing a big job i'll have PM move the files to a sub-folder (command Y) and then take that folder and drop it into bridge, and from there into ACR. while it crawls along in acr loading up those thumbnails along the left side, i'm back in PM continuing the edit.

so much fun! (not)




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