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Milestone Years

1955: Born in Chambersburg, PA
1961: First Camera
1965: First professional photo job
1972: First national publication (Smithsonian Magazine)
1977: First bicycle trip over 1000 miles
1980: Finally graduated from college
1983: Saw 400th N. American bird species
1984: Moved to Seattle
1985: Entire summer birding in the Arctic
1986: Joined ASMP
1991: First CA award
1991: Represented by Photonica
1991: Fifth total solar eclipse seen
1993: Married
1996: First website
1996: Travels through Australia
1996: Saw 500th N. American bird species
1998: First trip to Ireland
2001: First trip to Paris
2002: Seventh trip to Ireland
2002: First New York gallery exhibit
2003: Tenth wedding anniversary
2004: First digital camera


favorite wine: a good california pinot noir, or anything from Syncline, favorite city: new york, favorite magazine: the new yorker, favorite tv show: the west wing, favorite movie: until the end of the world, wim wenders, oregon), favorite ipod selection for a long flight: bach or mozart, favorite bird: bushtit (psaltriparus minimus)