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Thanks for sharing your process! It's illuminating.

Martin Stabler

Doug, it was been a treat to "shadow" you as you have your encounters with various reviewers. As Robin mentioned, it is illuminating.

I also appreciate your openness and and willingness to share your learnings, especially the painful ones.

I think your last posting--about treading the familiar territory--will resonate with many folks. Thanks. -Martin

Harris Fogel

Hi Doug!

Thank you for the kind words on your blog. One tiny correction though. You wrote : "He is the director of the Soldnick Gallery at the University of the Arts in Pennsylvania."

The actual name is the Sol Mednick Gallery, at The University of the Arts.

Sol Mednick, btw, was the founder of the Photography Program, and the gallery was created in his honor by Ray Metzker.

I look forward to seeing your work in the future.


Harris Fogel

Doug Plummer


That's an embarrassing mistake, Harris, I'm so sorry. I've corrected it now, so that anyone Googling your institution will now have my blog show up.

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