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Saxon Holt

My waiting list number did not come up for Photo Lucida and I went off instead into the Southern CA desert in search of wildflowers. I was looking forward to seeing this blog assuming, from the asmpfa list, that there would be some good info. I am looking at the blog for the first time, fascinated and in awe of the honesty and "brutal reality".

I am not even sure how to respond to Doug, to query about Photo Lucida, to investigate my own fears as a fine art dabbler, now revealed.

I don't think I am prepared with either the work or the emotions to "go there". I am a garden photographer and my comfort level is the garden or conversing with gardeners not photographers and art folk. Publishers, editors, and writers are OK because we understand the disposable nature of our business but artists (including photo artists) have their own passions and connection to the soul, connections that infuse their lives.

I loved the comment from one reviewer asking "where are you in the photo ?" Where am I in *my* work ? Too safe for one thing.

Thanks a lot for these insights Doug; a fine piece of work

Saxon Holt

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