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Josh Wand

I'm going to try to distill this into something humans can read and post it on my blog soon... I wish I could have heard Thomas Knoll's challenges-- a lot of what Bill Crow is saying, on the face, is bunk and goes contrary to the CIE model, until you understand it a bit further.


File this one in the "Poor Execution" department. Due to Microsoft's persistence in using a proprietary format, I don't see this catching on in the slightest.

I understand MS's move in creating an alternative to jpeg in light of the Jpeg patent lawsuits (luckily the patents were found invalid recently). By creating a new and better format than jpeg, they won't get sued over using it and at the same time, they can rack in some good dough in licensing fees. But, what makes them think the industry will abandon one proprietary format for another? The jpeg patent suits mark the second time a proprietary image format has cause large issues. The first time was when Compuserve started suing companies that utilized .gif since they owned the LZW compression algorithms used in the format.

During the LZW suits, some open-source developers created the PNG format as a freely useable, open and better format to replace GIF. The LZW patent expired (and development of Internet Explorer stagnated) before PNG really caught on on the internet.

In my opinion WMP is an example of how clueless Microsoft is. With the strong push by consumers for open raw formats, and MS's struggles in trying to garner support for their new (sorta) open office document formats you'd think they would realize that no one wants to be locked into proprietary crud anymore. They need to realize that some open-endedness can actually be more profitable in the long run (as demonstrated my many small companies such as IBM, Apple, Sun, Sysco Systems, etc) than forced upgrades and licensing fees from consumer lock-in.

If companies wanted to pay out the nose for a proprietary format, Jpeg2000 would be in wide use today but it's not.

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