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Scot Herrick

My blog is not political either, but I am one happy camper today. Now, if we can just get Darcy in, political life will be really good.

There is so much work to do. First, the conversations need to change -- no small feat.

Love the blog...thanks..


stephen connor

I can't say about Seattle, but up here in Vancouver, where it's been raining almost non-stop, I woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine. Coincidence? I think not!

And now Rummy's resigned, too!

Gordon Coale

It's been a long time coming! I can't believe how complete the sweep was. The work has just begun.

John A

I feel the same way. Even the Senate! Got to love it. Sure, it may hard to avoid politics on a blog, but whoever says voting for my opponent is a vote for 'the terrorists' ought kicked out of office. Oh, and I'd love to see some subpoenas flying out too. More than a few should go to jail.


Crap, are you so young as to not remember the about 40 years of Dem's rule?? The Republicans had good teachers in the techniques you find so offensive. Perhaps the Dems too have now learned their lessons .. we shall both be watching for promised civility and governing, or subpoenas and legislation designed for veto and use for finger pointing in the '08 elections


I think WS has the correct point. Most of my younger years were spent under the rule of Democrats ...not a great record. The relatively short rule of the Republicans has been no better. Bottom line ...so much time is spent on party politics that almost nothing ever gets done. When I scan my memory over the last 40+ years, the same issues and problems prevail. Neither party has been capable of much progress. It may be the best we have, but this level of mediocrity is hardly worth getting excited about. We need REAL change and neither party is capable of driving it!


"no voice in the affairs of this nation"? How about 95% of mass media, a larger percentage of academia, a law-making (rather than interpreting) hard-left judiciary.

America, in terms of social policy, intrusive do-gooding government, and general discourse has been sledding hard left for nearly forty years.

I love your site, but the abused underdog posturing is laughable to me.

P.S. Obama is about as light-weight a candidate as you could find. What job has he held, what major, difficult issue has he taken a hard stance on? If what you want is a suit with a Donkey lapel pinned to it, then I guess he'd be your man.

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