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When I need to adjust timestamps I use jhead or BreezeBrowser to first adjust the EXIF timestamp, then set the file's time to match the EXIF time. Both tools operate on single files or selected colletions of files.





I used to have problems when the file names from my two cameras collided. I fixed it by writing a simple script that renames all of my files according to exact time taken according to the EXIF data. For example, 2007-03-29-060205.jpg. Since I can't take more than one picture at a time, it almost guarantees they won't conflict.

Robert Tilden

I don't know about Canon, but my D200 allows me to put text into the metadata of each image. In my case, I put a copyright notice but I could easily add a camera ID. If you can do this with your Canons you would have a way of pairing a particular image with a particular camera...

Robert Tilden

In rereading my note I realize that I wasn't clear... The user defined text is attached to every image along with other metadata. Once defined it's automatic.

Robert Tilden

In re-rereading the original post I realize that I've provided a solution for a nonexistent problem. Never mind...:-)

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