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Jeff Henderson


Congratulations on your successful reviews! Things sound very promising for your contra dance project. Isn't it funny how sometimes we begin projects that interest us, without much thought to their value down the road, or how the project might evolve, only to wake up one day and realize that we have accomplished something significant. It certainly helps to receive constructive input to provide the guidance we often need to see our projects mature into the final structured product.

Jeff H

P.S. I think your wife posted some very interesting suggestions on how to expand the scope of your project. She sounds like a very wise woman.

Jeff Carlson

Congrats! And thanks for blogging about it while it happened. It's been entertaining reading, and very cool to watch the progress unfold. Much better than just a post saying, "Well, I went, and it was great, and here's why."

Jeff C

Mike C.

Great outcome and a splendid spectator sport for us blog lurkers. Can't help thinking that your mauling last time, though unpleasant, may have been more instructive than you realised.

Isn't it interesting, though, that despite the insistence of photographic educators that subject matter is secondary, in the end a good, fresh subject is what really grabs the attention of galleries and publishers. (And a heartfelt engagement with that subject matter does somehow always shine through).

The question is, are you ready for your 15 minutes??

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