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Adobe is working to make things better with Lightroom by working with OS makers (Apple/MS) and printer makers to streamline the process. IMHO it will be a uphill battle that will take a lot of time. Printer makers simply don't give a damn since their stuff sells anyway. At least they haven't been given a reason to care.

If you think it's bad on Windows, wait until you see the print dialog on the Mac. It's garbage.

Erik DeBill

I was shocked when I switched from printing on Linux to printing on Mac (via PS Elements). Getting a photo printer to work well under Linux was hell. It was a cakewalk on the Mac. But the print dialogue from the Linux applications was miles and miles ahead of the crap you get from Photoshop/Mac OS. It was flexible, powerful, told me what I wanted to know and didn't bother me with crap I had no interest in. It remembered my settings, so I didn't have to reset things each time. There's a reason they warn you to double-check your profile settings with each print. Sometimes it magically reverts to printer managed colour...

I never did figure out how to get roll paper working on the Mac. I wasted a good 10 feet of it in the process.

It's worth it for all the other things - an OS that KNOWS about calibrated monitors and can have separate ICC profiles for each one (though I have to trick Eye-One Match into profiling the second monitor), hardware that just works, vendor support, etc. I'm contemplating buying a dedicated RIP - ImagePrint in particular. That seemed to be more sane back when I checked it out. Kind of absurd to have to spend that much extra in order to get a decent print dialogue, though.

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