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Adrian Malloch

Nice post. A few weeks ago I was being pestered during a shoot for a local upmarket city magazine with similar questions. I guess I was flattered and I always welcome discussion about photography but the inquisitor was desperate to know what sort of settings I was using and how she could copy what she had seen of my previous work. I think I exasperated her with my weird answers which mirror what you have written here. The thing that really weirded her out was my explanation of how with all my photos I'm most in the zone when I dance with the subject. Mostly its a metaphorical reference but I constantly find myself bobbing and weaving both in response and in anticipation of what I see and feel around me. "But what sort of shutter speeds do you use?". " Umm… well, er… anything that works… or doesn't… or, Hell! I don't know!"

Doug Plummer


Nice story. There are people who need absolute answers. They're not going to be very good at improvisation.

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