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Donncha O Caoimh

Yes, I totally agree with you. I was very disappointed that those Mac fanboys were lying all those years about ease of use and those other fancy claims they made about their favourite OS. :)

Steven Alexander

Enjoy your new tool. To find wireless network look on top of screen, on right you will see 6 icons and the time/date. The middle object, looks like a fan, is the wireless(Apple speak ;airport) info spot. Click on it and there will appear all available wireless net works.
Chose the one you want and all else is done.




When I switched to Macs I would get very frustrated trying to figure out how to do something basic only to find out the solution was far more obvious/logical than I was expecting it to be. The problem was I was using the same mind-set as I had in Windows.

I found the best way to learn the differences was to simply not expect it to work like Windows. Once you get around that mental block, things move much more smoothly.

BTW, iStumbler is a far superior tool for finding and connecting to networks than Apple's Internet Connect (found in the menu Steven mentions above).

Darrell Klein

Doug, I feel your pain. I recently got a new Mac Book Pro myself and it has been like learing a foreign language. I love my Mac so far but the learning curve has been much more steep than I expected. Like one of the comments above stated, I think I will be better off when I stop expecting OS X to work like Windows. Good luck to you with the Mac and I look forward to checking back in to see how you are doing.

Dan Bachman

I made the change 2 years ago. I felt the pain at first. But within a couple weeks I was loving it and wondered why I hadn't made the change earlier.

I've never looked back!


If it's any consolation, the reverse is true by orders of magnitude. I've worked on Macs since Macs were born. (My computer experience goes back to WELL before personal computers.) Whenever work required me to use Windows, I always felt micromanaged by someone whose mindset was at right angles to my own. Relax, try not to bring too much Windows baggage with you (I'm thinking specifics, what geeks might call cruft) and don't expect to know how to do everything immediately. If you have a question, shoot me an email. I'll be happy to help; also happy to admit I don't know!

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