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hey doug,
i had the same issue w/ my notebook. this apple document solved it: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=304482

hope it helps.


Don't buy cables from an Apple store. Find them online for 1/8th of the price.
I just bought an DVI to hdmi cord for 6 dollars that apple wanted 54 for...

Doug Plummer

Thank you, you fixed my notebook! This is a problem that only happened at home, on my WEP secured network.

After the debacle at the U Village store (who told me to go to Radio Shack, who told me to go to Office Depot), I went to the Mac store on 45th, which had the cable I needed, for $28. This store, in contrast to the corporate showcase place in U Village, is fantastic, with people who are helpful and not necessarily cult members. Cody particularly is wonderful there.


I'm glad you found the solution. I dearly love my Mac, but everything isn't always perfect. I suffer the same frustration with always having to re-mount my networked drives.

It isn't perfect, but it's far better than the Linux and Windows I'd been using previously. Pretending it's perfect doesn't help anyone.

Paul Butzi

Ah. Well, I certainly agree that this 'faith-based, reality challenged' behavior is frustrating. The 'Mac Cult' is certainly a problem.

My response when confronted with this (not just in the Mac context) is to suggest that if they're so damn sure, perhaps they'd care to make a little wager - and because they're so certain, they won't mind giving me favorable odds (say, 10 to 1 against them). And then I sort of size them up, and offer a bet: I'll bet you $5000 against your $50K that this happens. If you agree, and you're right, it's the easiest 5 grand you've ever made. Of course, if you're wrong, it's the biggest mistake you've ever made. Let's go try it, right now, and see who wins."

And then when they decline the bet, I tell them, "So, now that you're not so damn sure, can we get back to fixing my problem?"

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