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You can add drive mappings to your login items. First, connect to the network drive. Then, in System Preferences go to Accounts. Go to the login items tab. Drag the network drive from your desktop into the big stripey Login items box. The drive should now stay connected every time you either logout or shutdown/restart.

Doug Plummer

I knew if I whined about this someone would tell me the solution. Thanks.

Doug Plummer

Well, I tried this method, and it broke my network. Without thinking, I dragged the volumes from a Finder window, and they didn't load, they went "poof." They gone. If I go "Go" and "Connect to Server" they're greyed out.

I've got a query into Tim about how to fix it, but thought you should know. I don't know yet if Macs are easier to use, but they appear to be easier to break.

Robin Shapiro

Doug, this is so sad!


Huh. They do indeed go poof if you drag them from a finder window instead of the desktop. Although in my case, this doesn't seem to disconnect them as they are still available on the desktop; they just don't appear in finder windows. I couldn't get them to grey out of the Connect to server.

All apologies for starting you down a dangerous path. I'm happy to try to help make it right, so feel free to email me.

Doug Plummer

Hey, found the fix. I just removed the drives from the log-in menu, and now I can connect to them again.

Graham R.


If you have a router that will accept a DHCP setting from your DSL modem, and you only need the router to go wireless try plugging the router into the DSL model using one of the standard ports - not the WAN or Internet labeled ones, then any other PCs into the remaining ones. This will effectively turn your router into a wireless switch, and your DSL modem will handle the DHCP traffic.

drop me an email if you have any questions - grweb at msn dot com

Doug Plummer


Oh man, I understand about a tenth of what you said there. Mostly the articles and the prepositions. The nouns--over my head. That's why I have to pay people to do this stuff.

But I did get a modem with wireless, and it appears to work fine now.

Graham R.

congrats :P and sorry for the tencho-talk i was in the middle of a work day fixing similar network problems :D

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