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david adam edelstein

Certainly my one-year-old daughter doesn't understand most of the words I say to her, but we are absolutely communicating when I take her picture.

That's the thing that bothered me about Chase's "assignment", that the only way I could photograph someone without communicating with them would be to set up a camera in a room and control it remotely.

Even with adults, when I'm shooting their portrait I'll often nod, or turn my body, or do something similar without saying anything.

robin shapiro

As psychotherapy becomes increasingly "research-based" and technological, I've run into practitioners who have forgotten that "it's the relationship, stupid." Of course 40 years of research shows that no matter what whiz-bang kind of therapy you practice, a good therapeutic relationship is what makes people better. (I practice about 4 kinds of whiz-bang therapies, that all work, and have to be practiced in the context of connectedness.) What happens to a photographic subject with whom you haven't connected? What happens to you?


This entry really resonated with me. Thank you.

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