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The same thing happened to me. I rented a car on a business trip and decided to get a GPS unit to find my way. As soon as I got home I bought one for our road trip and even got my parents to buy one for themselves. So very cool. I use it all the time when I go wandering in the countryside. While I carry maps and all, having this show me quickly that there is a way to get home up ahead is reassuring. Cheers!


I know what you mean, brother. I have the same problem with New Orleans. No matter how often I go, as soon as I exit off the interstate downtown, I'm lost. I keep telling myself to get GPS, but I haven't done it, yet.


I got my wife a Garmin Nuvi 350 about a year ago. She takes it with her on business trips. It's an amazing piece of technology. The 350 has US/Canada/Mexico road info, so we were able to use it on our Vancouver Island visit earlier this year. Costs ~$300 on Amazon.

Bruce Nall

My favorite experience with a talking GPS unit was in Staten Island. I ignored the GPS direction to turn left due to a clogged left hand turn lane. About half way into the next block the GPS spoke, "make a legal u-turn!" The legal department probably had a hand in the programming.

Robin Shapiro

Garrison Keillor has a wonderful Guy Noire skit built around a whiny, recalcitrant GPS unit. "You never ask me where I want to go!" It's a bit past the first 1/2 hour on Prairie Home Companion: http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/about/podcast/

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