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Doug, I found this post quite amusing. While on vacation, I had the occasion to use Mac. It was quite the experience. My friend just purchased one. For the entire first day of usage, I was totally lost and frustrated beyond belief. I was trying to figure out how to get his Mac connected to his PC and, all the while, trying to figure out, as you did, which land did those mysterious downloads inhabit. I never did figure that out! I did, however, figure out how to connect the two and get files from the PC over to the Mac.

Although I am not a big Microsoft fan, I think that I'll stick with the PC. I used his computer for about a week and didn't see any real advantage to converting. Perhaps, if I used it more, I'd see an advantage, but, all one has to do is go to any store and see what's available for the PC vs. the Mac.

It was an enjoyable read of, what I'm sure was, a frustrating time!

Dave Kosiur

I could tell you a lot about networking Macs -- I wrote 2 books on networking Macs way back when... but that's another story (and another life). As long as you turn on Personal File Sharing on both Macs in the Sharing Prefs, you can mount any drive from the other Mac and send or retrieve files. Once you mount the volume, you can create an alias, then all you have to do at later times is double-click the alias to mount the volume.

For quick-and-dirty file transfers, take a look at DropCopy (http://10base-t.com/premier.html). It's free and easily support sending files from one Mac to another.

More questions? Send me an email.


Dave Kosiur

OK, here's another tip --

You wrote: "It is still a mystery to me how file downloads over the web are handled. There's no dialog box asking me what to do with a file download."

You get to select the folder where you want downloads to go by setting the preferences in Safari. (Other browsers on the Mac, such as FIrefox, have a similar option that's set in their preferences.) In Safari's preferences, you can also set whether a downloaded file will be automatically expanded or not.

Doug Plummer


Oh if only file transfers were as easy as you describe. I just did a test. All my settings are where you say they ought to be. Some files I can transfer just fine from my laptop to my desktop. Then I want to move one of those .mov files I've been working on to the desktop, and I get the "The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items." Yet if I go the other direction and grab the same file from the desktop, there's no problem. There's no reason nor rhyme to it, it Just Happens that way.

Dave Kosiur

I'm not sure I was able to follow everything you wrote (in your reply to my post).

1) You copy a .mov file from your laptop to your desktop machine.

2) What's your next step? It sounds like you're trying to move other .mov files to your desktop, in a way different from #1?

3) And then the last step you described is to transfer a file from the desktop back (?) to your laptop? Or are we mixing "desktops" (as in the FInder) and "desktop machines"?

Send me more details and I'll see what I can suggest.

Doug Plummer

Yes, that wording was a little confusing. Here's the scenario.

There is a file on my laptop that I want to move to my desktop. If I log into the network from the desktop, I can move that file from the laptop with no problem. If I log into the network from the laptop, and try and move that same file from the laptop to the desktop, then I get the error.

dave Kosiur

These are both Macs? If so, what do you mean by "logging into the network"? If they're both Macs, you'd be logging into one or the other Mac as a server. Some Windows networks require logging into the network, but Macs don't -- they ask that you log onto a specific computer to use its services.

Off the top of my head, the one thing that might pose a problem is that you might not have equal user privileges on both computers. If you have different user accounts on the two machines, the laptop user's account may not have write privileges for the desktop machine. If you're trying to send your file to a specific folder on the desktop machine, you might try "Get Info" on the folder on the desktop machine to see what the privileges are set to. (If one of the two machines is a Windows machine, checking privileges is a bit more involved...)

Hope this helps.

Doug Plummer

Sorry, my brain still works in Windows mode when discussing my Macs. I'm new to this "country". I meant to say, yes, I'm logging into each computer from the other (they're both Macs) when I say I'm logging into the network. Since I cloned one machine to the other when I set them up, the user accounts should be identical. I've since deleted my mov files from the laptop so I can't check the permissions on those specific files, so it could be some super-small, obscure, hidden setting in the permissions that I don't know about. All I know is that sometimes it works and I have no problem, and sometimes it doesn't, and I haven't a clue why.

Dennis Allshouse

A couple of further notes: The menu bar will always tell you what program is in the foreground. The window menu of that app will let you change windows. If you haven't already, get a 2 button mouse, Macally makes a nice one. Then you will have right clicking. I wouldn't get an Apple Mighty Mouse: the scroll ball while way cool doesn't hold up under constant use. I'm on my second copy have trouble scrolling down. Best wishes!

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