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Tommy Williams

One more thing that tells me we should live in Portland instead of the Seattle area. I first discovered the richer bicycle culture in Portland. Then all the urban farming and focus on sustainable agriculture, again stronger than Seattle. And now I see that even photography and art are richer down there.

Well, one of these days, maybe.

Jared Guess

I think a few people would argue with you on your opinion of the Seattle photo community. http://www.chasejarvis.com/blog/2008/01/chase-jarvis-raw-seattle-flickr-roundup.html

Doug Plummer

I probably should not have compared Portland with Seattle, as I'm sure my city is a supportive environment for those who are well connected in the community. For whatever reason, I am not, and I am making a wistful look at what appears to be a greener pasture. I saw Chase's blog, and appreciated the irony of our simultaneous posts.


Out of curiosity- I don't know which of your images you had in your show, but if you had any with recognizable people (some of your dancing shots, for instance) did you need releases? I understand the need for releases in a purely commercial context, but I'm not clear on the need for releases for 'art' photography shows and sales...

Doug Plummer

I am just not worrying about it for this project. You get releases for any display that might be actionable, such as hawking a commercial product. No stock agency will take a photo without releases, and so none of these shots go into that hopper. I feel identified enough with the community, and I am known as "that guy who takes the pictures at dances" that I don't have any personal qualms about putting the work in shows or, hopefully, in a book. Anyone who sees themselves in a photo gets a print, and everyone has been delighted by that stance thus far.

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