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(Me, gloat? Never!)

... Though actually on a (slightly) more serious note: I remember when you got your iPod and felt it was totally counterintuitive to use - the exact opposite of how I felt about it (and how I assume many people feel about it, given its popularity as a device).

I find it interesting that you are having the opposite reaction to the iPhone. Is it that the iPhone really is a much better device (more transparent) or has using Mac computers conditioned you to "get" Apple products better?

Doug Plummer

Actually I think Mac familiarity has conditioned me to the interface conventions, and the iPhone makes sense in a way it wouldn't have 6 months ago.

I just had an interesting experience watching my PC oriented computer guru (he's setting up a VPN tunnel for when I'm on the road) work on the Mac platform. He is annoyed at the way so much is hidden from view, and how much harder that makes his job. And I watched him have the same reaction I still get (because I still do this--it's the most basic of basic PC keyboard conventions) when I punch "Enter" (pardon me, "Return")" to start an application, and it doesn't work.

It's why Robin swears when she tries to use my computer. It really is a new language. She adores her Zune however.

Jeff Carlson

Doug, what email program are you using on the Mac? If you're using Mail, you can create folders there and the iPhone will pick them up. If something else (maybe Entourage), then I don't think you can do what you want.

Doug Plummer

I'm just using Apple Mail. You would think that's what the iPhone would do, duplicate my current folders, but that's not the case. But a thorough search on the web seemed to confirm that the only way to get that is through an .mac account.

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