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david adam edelstein

Yeesh, Doug. Good luck and all that. I'm not sure I'd have the same good attitude you're showing in your blog posts. Enjoy your bagels, at least, and may you be liberated from the slavery of pain.

Bruce Nall

Doug, I don't intend to give you medical advice, but I thought I would let you know what finally helped my back. I injured my lower back carrying something heavy and slipping on ice. I was also on the "get up early because of the intense pain" plan and other than some great sunrise photographs, it wasn't working for me. What finally worked was hiring a personal trainer that created a weight lifting routine that strengthened specific muscles in my back avoiding pressure that transferred to my spine. I rarely have back pain now - even after I quit the weight lifting regimen. The doctor agreed with the "weight bearing" exercise plan.

Doug Plummer

Bruce, I think you're right on in strengthening my muscle structure to keep this from happening again. That's my intention, but for now I have to get through the acute phase. My PT is already giving me strength and flexibility exercises, and is also exhibiting the acronym that marks an effective one--PT=physical torture.

Bruce Nall

My trainer was very specific on machines, free weights, posture and the like. The timeline for the lifted weight increase was well defined and I followed it fairly well. I must say there was very little pain as long as I did things correctly - definitely not torture. It did take quite a long time to build up to the lifted weight goal the trainer wanted. I still do the stretching routines.

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