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Jeff Henderson

Wow, very enlightening. Makes me feel very fortunate to live here in the US.


Amazing photos & equally amazing camera. So how long will it take for someone to come out with a totally digital version of the camera?

Doug Plummer

A couple reasons I think that unlikely. Panoramic suffers from a DIY cult aura (the Linux of cameras), though the Xpan was a product that broke through that barrier for a time. There's going to be only a tiny consumer base. It's a hard format to publish, as I found out when I was trying to sell my book of Ireland panoramics. It doesn't lend itself to a conventional book format.

And pans are so easy to make now from stitching conventional digital files. It's almost the only way I still work in the format.


I'm glad you posted this. I had not yet come across it in my various stumblings around on NYTimes.com.

Speaking of, I'm officially curious about your thoughts on this: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/07/08/great-photo-on-flickr-getty-images-might-pay-you-for-it/?em&ex=1215748800&en=a64e3a6f37dc61fd&ei=5087%0A

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