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Chris Savery

I guess I haven't been following your blog too long and so didn't know what to expect. Your photographs were wonderful and far exceeded my expectations, and the presentation is very workable and well laid out as well. I particularly enjoyed the rich abstract compositions and I think that's what caught me by surprise. Makes me want to strive for better. Thank you for presenting the book this way.

Chris Savery

I was wondering what method you used to create the document you uploaded? Did you create a PDF file or some other type and what pixel size images did you place in it. It seems to have enough resolution even when viewed large on my small (notebook) screen. Just curious - if I try to put one together it would help with getting it right. Last year I created a book for viovio and used Corel Draw to do the layout and then exported it as a PDF. It worked well for that situation because I find Corel easy to work with and flexible.
Happy Holidays!

Doug Plummer

Issuu works with PDF files. I made mine in Photoshop Bridge CS4. Go to Window-Workspace-Output, and you have the ability to convert a sequence of image files to PDF. Issuu manages the layout, so I inserted blank pages in my sequence to maintain the spreads the way they look in the book.

Mike C.

Whoah, that's really fine, Doug, I'm going right over there now to take a look. Very impressed... Happy Christmas & New Year, by the way!

Mike C.

One for the errata slip, Doug -- unless it was some other guy, I think it's Frederick Sommer, not Sommers (in "About DP")

"Professional birdwatching"??

But -- lovely book, beautifully sequenced. Current favourite, pp. 24/25. Nice job!



I get a different sense of photographs in the book format than what I usually see on the web. There's something about this format that really gives these works space to breathe. Thanks, I'm very impressed. And also impressed with Issuu, you've got me thinking of possibilities for my own work. I assume you are using the Pro version?

Doug Plummer

Actually, that's the presentation you get for free. If you pay then they don't have the list of other people's books on the side of your page.

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