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Chris Savery

I have had varied results also with online books. I used viovio.com and found that colour quality varied considerably with different orders. Also some photos were quite good and others munged up. On the whole I think it's acceptable for an easy, low-grade display of work in a convenient form. I just gave up that it could be anything like a reliable high-quality presentation. I've been thinking of the old fashion home made binding with "stuck in" photos like they used to do long ago. Maybe a good combination would be a text only B+W printed book done online but then photos (or inkjet prints) stuck in place. I don't know.

I kind of like the idea of PDF files being put up on issuu.com - at least it's free, and more people see the book. But even still you have zero control over peoples monitor controls and how wonky images may appear for them.


Exactly the same results I had when trying the B3 workflow, they need to work some serious kinks out of that workflow. I didn't like the paper at all, produced a very flat and lifeless image,prefer the usual paper finish.

Doug Plummer

I'm quite taken with issuu.com, thank you for pointing me that direction. I think it can be a valuable adjunct presentation.

Mike C.

Send it back and complain, Doug -- they seem quite responsive to customer care and quality issues. Mention the blog...

I like Chris Savery's idea of producing a text with blanks for tipping in images. The old Epson "glossy film" would be perfect for that.

I'm also wondering whether Blurb in Europe is using different printers and paperstock. (That, or my standards are set way too low...)

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