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Tommy Williams

I don't find Twitter that interesting except as a way to feed the same status update to FriendFeed and Facebook. I much prefer FriendFeed due to the ability to comment on items and see "friend-of-a-friend" posts.

But there are far more people on Twitter than on FriendFeed and it's awfully tedious to create the "imaginary" friends (essentially, private FriendFeed accounts) for all the people I follow on Twitter that aren't on FriendFeed.


"Twitter seems at its best when there is information sharing going on. "

I think you're pretty much right on. I only started to really "get" twitter (aside from a way to share tidbits with existing friends) with the recent snowfall over on this side of the country ( http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23snow1219 ). The fact that one of my photos got passed around too on that hash tag was just icing on the cake!

Joe Reifer

Wait, you found something that's not vapid on Twitter?

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