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One photographer I followed early on is [the daily dose of imagery] out of Toronto. I also see him on Flickr, but somehow I enjoy viewing the images on his blog even more. I enjoy his urban images and eye for creating interesting moments/compositions w/ interesting tonalities & light.


I look forward to digging through your list!

Gary Crabbe / Enlightened Images

A really good list. Found a few here that I wasn't aware of and have added to my daily RSS Feed. Not to mention, I really enjoyed visiting your main web site. *Very* nice work.

I'd be re-miss if I didn't at least invite you to check out my own weblog which has a lot of stock, landscape, travel related info, as well as several pages of business, legal, and stock info resources.


Cheers & thanks again for sharing your list.

- Gary.

Doug Plummer

Gary, nice site. Keep those suggestions coming.

Mike C.


I'm pleased and flattered to get a mention here, and in such company -- thanks very much. At this rate (recent mentions on wood s lot and TOP) my regular readership may start nudging 25!

But "Literate, erudite" ... Damn, that sounds dull... I'll try to do better.

I recommend Struan Gray's "Twiglog" at


Struan is a scientist who is passionate, thoughful and well-informed about photography and the visual arts, as well as landscape matters in general.


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