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bill emory

what motivated you to upgrade?

Jeff H

Sounds like Apple really dropped the ball on QA testing of their latest OS. Your experience would be enough to make me switch OS's.

Tom Dills

As Bill asked, what motivated you to upgrade, especially after posting "Beware the Upgrade Rush?" I've not found a reason to upgrade from Tiger.

Steven Alexander

Sorry to hear your problems. Only problem I had with up-grade was I can not find firewire Epson printer but same printer is okay with UBS or ethernet. Nikon software isn't upgraded, but that is not fault of Apple.
All Adobe products feel faster and have no problems. HP office printers are fine.


I have been a loyal Mac user for decades now and I've never experienced this type of problem with any upgrade. I'm sorry for all the headaches. I suspect Snow Leopard was rushed to market without proper testing. I haven't upgraded to SL yet, mostly because of what I read about your experience!

Doug Plummer

Part of what led me down this primrose path was how painless the upgrade was on the laptop. I wanted to get all the machines on the same OS finally, and I was seduced by the performance enhancements I'd been reading about. And I was mollified by the responses to that previous entry that CS3 was going to work after all.

I've still got my Tiger system cloned on a drive if I want to evacuate this whole debacle, and live with the problems I know.

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