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Jeff H


Thanks for posting the comparison. I have all there camera's also. My wife got me the Flip HD for my birthday last summer, but I haven't really used it that much. I really wish it had image stabalization, it is very hard to hold it still unless mounted on a tripod. You are correct, the iPhone video is really not worth much. I actually have shot more video with my 5D MkII than the other two combined. I just need to learn more about video editing technique and find a good video editing package for the PC that is easy to use, yet powerful enough to do most basic editing tasks. Anyone have any suggestions for good PC video editing software?

Doug Plummer

Sorry, I haven't a clue what people use to edit on a PC.

When I found myself shooting most of my video with the 5D I sold my other video cameras (including a Canon XH A1) to get a second 5D. It's a great camera. The Flip--I've been using it to get a point of view for B roll that would be too hard any other way. I'm working on a dance video where I mounted the Flip to my hat that I wore during the dance.

Jeff H

Can't wait to see your 'hat' video! I wondering how jumpy the image will be without any kind of IS? I have a real hard time holding such a light weight camera still, even when sitting or standing still.

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