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Bruce Nall

Photos seem somewhat slow to load. Was that a delay you built in between photos or just more links between my server and yours?

Doug Plummer

It's probably the size of my photos (1800 pixels) combined with the speed of your connection. I've done the best I could, but I can try and shrink them further.


What is the advantage of these photo hosting site, vs any other lower cost hosting sites. like bluehost etc.? Are they including website design in the price?

Doug Plummer

The lower design fees are the big benefit to these sites. When I had my site reworked a year ago, on my own host, it cost me $3000. My new site cost me $1000 (doing it myself, with their templates), and $17/mo for hosting. Livebooks custom designs are $2000, and they have pre-designed templates for a monthly pay as you go fee, with no other charges.

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