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Steven Alexander

I don't know how you approach a video shoot, but unless you have a script/storyboard and shot to those ideas, you will spend too much time in post-production finding your way to a meaningful product. Having a plan but remaining open to unexpected is the only way I know of to reduce editing time. I was a cinematographer for 25 years, sandwiched between years of still image making, and without seeing the finished product first and following that concept while shooting and in post, I never made a satisfactory end product.

Doug Plummer

If I were doing scripted videos it might make sense. But these are entirely unscripted, unplanned situations that I'm documenting. They aren't slick, corporate style videos by any stretch.

Brian Storm (mediastorm.org) recently presented a workshop here, where he explicitly said storyboards don't have a place in this new style. It was nice to see a match to my working method.

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