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Really great work Doug!


Wow. This is VERY cool, Doug. I love that you drilled it down to such a simple, satisfying concept. Terrific work!

Mike C.

Very nice, Doug -- I'm going to show this to my colleagues, as an example of they're going to have to start trying harder! Is this a new trend in the US, or have such videos become an established part of "higher ed corporate communication"?


Doug Plummer

It's becoming a more prominent feature in higher ed communications, particularly in admissions marketing. It hasn't settled down to an established style for these sorts of things, which leaves it open for me to make my mark. Often you see parodies of the Old Spice Commercial, or Glee musical style lip sync, all very trendy and ephemeral and will look dated very fast, yet being commissioned by the institutions--see the Why I Chose Yale video.


Yikes. That Why I Chose Yale video was done with skill, but it makes me cringe!

Doug Plummer

The think with the Yale piece is to consider that everything they did is with a heavy dose of irony. At least I hope so.

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